Pictures of Multicultural boards from each class

At Benson Hill we are fortunate and proud to be a part of a beautifully diverse and culturally rich community.  In November we had the opportunity to celebrate our diversity at Multicultural Night, an evening of sharing our cultures including food, dance, music, art and stories. Thank you to all of our families, staff, and community members for their participation in making this exciting night a success! 

Students working on art projects during multicultural night
Two students performing a dance at multicultural night
a student performing a dance at multicultural night
2nd Grade students working on a STEM lesson in class

At Benson Hill, we work to incorporate STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) learning into other content areas.  Recently, students in Ms. Gamiao's second grade class extended their learning in literacy by designing and creating a contraption that was seen in a book that they read.  Students worked collaboratively, sharing their ideas and listening to other's ideas, to build the best product they could!  

2nd grade students working on a STEM lesson in class
Superintendent Pattenaude handing out dictionaries during the Renton Rotary giveaway

In November, members of the Renton Rotary came to Benson Hill to present each 3rd grade student a brand new dictionary!  Students were thankful to receive their dictionary and enjoyed looking up the words "bobcat" and "gratitude."  Thank you Renton Rotary for your support of our students!  Also, thank you to our superintendent, Dr. Pattenaude, for joining us during the giveaway.  

Renton Rotary Members giving out dictionaries to students
Coffee Sleeves decorated with words of kindness

At Benson Hill, students work on spreading kindness as a way to take care of each other and combat bullying.  In November, students designed Kindness Coffee Sleeves to spread kindness into the community.  During library, students wrote positive messages and decorated coffee sleeves that were then given to a local coffee shop so that members of the community can receive the messages of kindness.  Thank you to Ms. Mintz, Ms. Codon and Ms. Stepp for organizing this project!

Student decorating her coffee sleeve