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Student supervision begins at 8:20am Monday - Thursday and 9:50am on Friday. To ensure the safety of your child, please do not drop off before these times.

All students should be lined up in their appropriate class lines by 8:30am Monday - Thursday and 10:00am on Friday.


Students are walked out with a teacher to the bus zone, the designated family walk-up area, or to the family pick-up car zone. Family members must make contact with the teacher in order for students to be dismissed. If a family has students walk home without an adult, the walkers and bike riders are expected to go directly home after dismissal. Bus students are to walk directly from the classroom to bus loading zones and stand in line until the bus arrives. 

Family Pick-up/Drop-off Map

Drop-off and pick-up your children from the pick-up zone in the south lot. The front lot is for Staff and Buses ONLY. Please have your yellow pick-up card displayed. When dropping children off in the morning, please pull all the way up in the drop-off zone and stay behind the car in front of you at all times.

The church across 116th Street is also available for parking.

Remember that you may only make a right turn out of the parent lot to keep cars moving and U-turns are not allowed.

Photo of Benson Hill with directions for arrival and dismissal procedures. 

Early Student Dismissal Policy

Adults are required to come to the office when checking out your student for early dismissal. Students will be called from the classroom to be picked up in the office. Please ensure that the attendance office receives notes students bring to the classroom regarding early dismissal.

Students are released only to parents, guardians, or those persons listed as emergency contacts on the student’s emergency information/registration sheet. All adults will be asked for identification to ensure every child’s safety.