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Washington Governor Jay Inslee announced on April 6, 2020 that schools across the state will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, the coronavirus. During this closure, all schools in our district will remain closed. 

We acknowledge continued school closures present many challenges for students, staff, families, and the entire community. This is difficult news for all of us: students miss their friends and teachers, and we miss our students. While staff across our district are demonstrating their professional and personal commitment to our students in meaningful and inspiring ways, we understand that this extended closure also raises numerous questions for students and families. We have been working for the past several weeks to provide education in a different, sustainable model; and we will continue to work to provide answers to questions brought by this new directive. In the meantime, here is what we know now:

  • In-home learning will continue in the same format as long as schools are closed. School principals will continue to provide updated in-home learning content each Friday on school websites. More information can also be found on the district website. We are committed to continuing to partner with families and community to support our students’ learning while they are at home.
  • Elementary school families were recently sent information regarding the option to pick up a Chromebook at their student’s school between April 7-9. Our middle and high school students have school-issued Chromebooks to help with in-home learning. Families in need of this support, please contact your child’s principal.
  • High school seniors will receive support from guidance counselors regarding opportunities to earn and document credits they need for post-secondary transitions. We are working with the state’s college system to ensure smooth transitions.
  • We will continue to provide meals at these locations, Monday through Friday.
  • Childcare will continue to be available in a limited capacity for children of first responders and healthcare workers.
  • All field trips and events, including sports, socials, and dances, will be cancelled during the extended closure. Schools will engage with students to come up with creative alternatives to celebrate milestones such as prom. We will keep students and families updated on these decisions.
  • Based on the Governor’s comments during his press conference, we will continue to explore options related to graduation ceremonies. More information to follow.
  • We are awaiting information from the Governor on whether school facilities will be open to provide summer school.

Here's where to find your school's in-home learning resources:
  • On the front page of Renton School District's website:
  • Click the button marked Select a School (in the top right corner of the page on desktop; top left on phone)
  • Select Your School in the drop-down menu
  • Hover over the tab For Families
  • Click In Home Learning

While the experience of classroom instruction cannot be replaced, school and district teachers and support staff are working to provide engaging in-home learning resources to support student learning.

Our middle and high school students are already able to access the materials being posted for in-home learning on their school-issued Chromebooks. In an effort to ensure elementary students have access, elementary principals sent this form to families earlier this week to allow families to request a Chromebook for temporary use at home.

NOTE: Because high school classrooms do not fall neatly into grade-level categories (as they are laid out on the webpages), high school teachers and support staff are working directly with students to provide in-home learning resources.



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